Byron Lee

“I’m extremely happy to have taken courses at Beat Lab Academy. I’ve visited, and done courses at other schools in LA, but Beat Lab stands out not only for the quality of the teachers (led by Ableton Certified expert instructor Yeuda, the founder of the school, and Mark Parvizi, co-founder of Team Supreme), but also for the genuine care they show, for the student community that they have built.

Yeuda is truly inspirational as the school’s founder. His passion for, and skill in teaching, is immediately felt upon meeting him. Watching him navigate the Ableton environment with speed and ease, to create almost any sound you can imagine, while explaining his motions with flawless and incisive clarity, is breathtaking. The Beat Lab front-office team (Larry, Freddy, and Mikey) is friendly and approachable, and have been instrumental in creating an environment that is incredibly positive, interactive and supportive.

The course material is efficiently structured, logically sequenced, very interactive, and delivered in a way that encourages students to push the limits of their creativity, as well as adopt the technical aspects of Ableton in way that is highly applicable to professional work and live performance.

There is a wealth of student events (also providing students with opportunities to perform), and workshops from industry experts. The school itself is an excellent facility, with both studio space and live instruments available for students to use as they need.

The curriculum is also always evolving and adapting to the needs of students and the industry, with additional interesting and valuable courses having been added over time as the need has arisen, and more courses being added in the near future.

I feel blessed to have found this school. I have gained so much from coming here. I am extremely thankful to Yeuda and the Beat Lab team for their role in helping me improve my music production ability, to a much higher standard, more quickly than I could have envisaged.

If you have any interest at all in learning or furthering your abilities in music production, whatever level you are at, whatever aspect of it you want to work on, I highly recommend Beat Lab Academy. Visit, meet the team, check it out, and see for your self!”

Byron Lee Beat Lab Graduate


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