Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova – Free Multi-Function Equalizer


Tokyo Dawn Labs has released a free parallel dynamic equalizer called the TDR Nova. Supposedly loosely based of the Nova-67P, (the No. 1 freeware plugin pick,) the TDR packs as much of a punch with a cleaner interface. The Nova is capable of extremely precise refining and makes for powerful dynamic processing and is found with  preset manager, undo/redo, A/B, detailed documentation, copy & paste, which wasn’t found in previous TDR equalizers.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 5.23.21 PM

The TDR is in the form of a user friendly drag and drop view which runs alongside knob controls which gives the user clean access to a wide range of parameters allowing for maximum processing control. The TDR Nova covers a range of capabilities from parametric equalization, dynamic equalization, frequency selective compression, to multi-band compression and wide band compression. A PDF manual is available for download for those who aren’t all that familiar with equalizers.

If you are looking to add a powerful equalizing punch to your arsenal of mixing plugins, the TDR Nova is highly suggested.

Click here to checkout their page and download.


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