Top 5 Free VST Plugins: October 2018

We’ve been posting about free downloads for a while now, and now we have a compilation of the latest free plugins from this month. Read below for descriptions of this month’s most awesome plugins. They are each available to download for free!


1. SimpleSide



SimpleSide is a volume automation plugin developed by Armando Montanez. This plugin is very useful for simulating sidechain compression or other LFO tempo-synced effects. With this plugin, you can add an unlimited amount of curves. Amazing. Adjust the rate to change the synced up trigger, and use the blend knob to adjust the amount of dry signal heard relative to the effected signal. Add an envelope follower following this plugin and you have a seriously powerful plugin that is totally free.

Download here.


2. Nightlife



Nightlife is an awesome virtual synthesizer by Acoustica. It features “three oscillators, five built-in mod sequencers, dual filters with fifteen filter types plus a vowel filter, four LFOs, flexible mod matrix, a bit crusher, and five killer effects”. The interface is simple enough to use if new to the synthesis game and comes loaded with 140 presets. You can get right to it once you’ve downloaded and installed this plugin. Note that it is only available in 32-bit VST for Windows.

Download here.


3. Rough Rider 2



Want to add a vintage feel to your instruments? Rough Rider 2 is the perfect plugin for you. Audio Damage created this free plugin with warmth in mind, use it to add character to any sound. Want to add some more rhythm pumping to your mix? Rough Rider 2 works best when used there.

Download here.

4. Zampler//RX



Synapse Audio is the creator of this awesome sampler plugin, Beat Zampler//RX. With it, you’ll get a powerful range of tools – samples sounds, sequence MIDI, arpeggiate, and morph your audio beyond recognition. It comes fully loaded. Use this plugin to play your samples and design amazing sounds.

Download here.

5. ISOL8



TBProAudio brings us ISOL8, an advanced mix monitoring tool. In what ways will this help you? Use it on your master track to divide your mix into 5 frequency bands. Each band can be adjusted, soloed, and muted individually. Use it to isolate (ha!) certain frequency bands to identify problems in your mix.

Download here.

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