Reverb is essential to music, and one of the most commonly used effects. It has the ability to add depth, realism, and emotion. It can make or break a mix, and used correctly will create space between all of your elements.

Reverb creates a sense of unified space in mixes. It immerses listeners into that space and keeps them there. In this article, we will tell you about some of our favorites reverbs to date.

Polyverse Comet

Polyverse just released their newest plugin – Comet. Comet is an incredibly dynamic reverb unit that blew us away. We thought it was so awesome that we ought to update our Top Reverb plugins list!


Comet is designed to look great, and sound better. The controls are laid out in three sections on the left, center, and right side of the interface. As with all Polyverse plugins you are given extremely precise control over your parameters.

There is a saturation on the input channel to add richness (it’s immediately clear how tasty this sounds). There is also a slightly detune algorithm applied to the signal. Perhaps the dopest part of this reverb is the ability to morph between presets allowing seamless and unique processing.

Better hop on this, get the beta pricing for $99 before it reverts to regular pricing at $149. Buy here.

Fabfilter Pro-R

Pro-R looks as beautiful as the rest of the FabFilter lineup and functions like them too. The plugin is flexible as Gumby and sounds pristine. The signature FabFilter Retina interface comes in handy and makes for easy use.

You get multiple EQ’s (Decay Rate, Post, etc.) and lots of other parameters. The most useful features are parameters to control like Brightness, Character, and Distance. These make it more accessible to people who aren’t technicians.

$200 Get it here.

*50% off for Beat Lab Students


Universal Audio EMT Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT Reverbs are legendary, and if you want to fully pad out your arsenal then this is a great place to start. UA EMT Reverb bundle comes loaded with two plates reverbs modeled after their physical counterparts.

The EMT 250 is considered the best reverb of all time, and the UA plugin does a good job of honoring that fame. The EMT 140 emulates three different EMT 140 units that will bath your audio in glory.

$359 Get it here

D16 Group Toraverb 2

D16 makes high-quality plugins and makes them well. Toraverb 2 forgoes the traditional spring/room/hall/plate reverbs for space modulation.

You get a dynamic reverb that will breathe life into your productions. It has simple controls and is a gas to play with.

$69 Get it here

Valhalla DSP Reverb


Valhalla DSP is a favorite among producers of all levels. The entire lineup of plugins sounds top-shelf, and at a bafflingly attractive price.

Spice up your mixes with these tasty plugins! VintageVerb, Valhalla Room, and Valhalla Plate are classics at this point and should be added to your arsenal.

$50 for each plugin. Get it here

Audio Ease Altiverb 7

Altiverb 7 by Audio Ease is the industry standard in Convolution Reverb. Anyone familiar with Ableton Live and the accompanying MaxforLive devices should know about convolution reverb.

It is an artificially created reverb modeled after physical spaces. Altiverb’s algorithms pristinely recreate spaces as if you are there.

Utilize their presets to play music in the Sydney Opera House, a 747 air jet, or any other place they have modeled. A lovely bonus is that users get free updates and additions to the presets.

$995 Get it here

Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics

What happens when Slate Digital teams up with LiquidSonics? The result is VerbSuite Classics which captures the feeling often legendary analog units. Each unit has its own sense of movement and modulation so the combination is all powerful.

It’s impossible to go wrong with this suite, each reverb unit is better than the last no matter how you line them up. Plugins have controls their hardware counterparts didn’t, and the verbsuite makes sure to add some more.

$199 Get it here

*Needs iLok

Soundtoys Little Plate

Little Plate was released last year as a surprise addition to the Soundtoys bundle. It is an incredible EMT 140 plate reverb emulation that turns anything it touches to velvet. There are some modern additions of course, and it’s a breeze to use.

Soundtoys’ other plugins like Echoboy and Crystallizer aren’t pure reverb plugins but they can create reverbs all the same. The entire lineup is worth checking out and splurging for.

$99 Get it here

Liquid Sonic Seventh Heaven Professional

Seventh Heaven is a recreation of the legendary Bricasti M7 reverb unit. This behemoth of a unit is one of the most universally revered pieces of equipment in the studio.

Liquid Sonic struck gold by combining samples of the Bricasti with the power of convolution reverb. The result is realism and, well, heaven.

$299 Get it Here

Brainworx BX_Rooms

Brainworx is heralded for their impressive collection of plugins with mid-side processing, and their reverb unit is part of that. BX_Rooms will allow you to create virtual acoustic spaces and mechanical plates.

It includes a vast array of presets for rooms, halls, churches, and ambient spaces. What makes BX_Rooms unique is the amount of flexibility in shaping your rooms. You can add mid-side filters, center-image panning, and abuse the width control like no other.

$199 Get it here

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle

If you’ve ever been in a professional recording studio with a traditional desk setup, you will likely see a Lexicon reverb unit in the middle of it. They have been a staple in the industry for a few decades. The Lexicon Native Reverb bundle gives you seven of their infamous reverb units to play with.

You will get hundreds of presets to start (and end) at, and the controls are simple to use if you feel like tweaking parameters. This plugin will grant you access to some of the finest reverbs in history.

$299 Get it here

Waves H-Reverb

Waves H-Reverb is another studio classic that is dead simple to use. Throw it on a return track and save it there for future projects. This reverb has been used on countless records.

Waves gear has long been used in professional studios so with it you’ll get a number of presets designed by industry leaders.

$59 Get it here

Universal Audio AMS RMX16

The AMS RMX16 changed how reverb units were made back in the 80’s. It was the first of its kind, a microprocessor-controlled digital reverb with full bandwidth.

It has a place in every major recording studio in the world. The UA version is the most faithful and arguably the only authentic emulation ever created. What makes the AM special is that its original designer tuned it by ear rather than math. The idea was to make it more musical that way, and it has been a hit since.

$349 Get it here

Softube TSAR-1

The Softube TSAR-1 reverb defies the rest of the reverbs on this list by not attempting to emulate anyone reverb unit. It is instead an algorithm inspired by classic reverbs emulated by the other plugins mentioned.

The coolest feature is the dark or light options, these will shift the sound from lush to subtle, and neutral will be in between. It sounds good on dang near everything.

$119 Get it here

Reverb Foundry HD Cart

This plugin emulates the storied Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System. The unit was capable of producing quadraphonic, 5.0 surround sound in its effects processing. It was able to do this using an expansion cartridge capable of maxing out the processing effectively. What does this mean?

It means that this reverb is a faithful recreation of one of the most powerful reverb units ever created. It’s, warm, thick, and rich.

$199 Get it here

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb

IK Multimedia continues to add plugins to their lineup, the Classik Studio Reverb bundle is a great example. With it you get four high-quality reverbs modeled after analog outboard gear.

Each model is meticulously designed to recreate its analog counterpart. The reverbs include Plate, Room, Hall, and Inverse (curious!). The package sounds top notch and is a bang to use.

Get it here

Did we miss anything? Which reverbs are you using? tell us in the comments


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