Touchable 3 Celebrates 5 Years! Still the Best iOS App for Ableton

Touchable, already a well established IOS App controller, just put a massive sale on Touchable 3 in celebration of their five year anniversary. Touchable 3 provides an incredibly handy controller system which almost entirely integrates Ableton onto an iPad or iPhone, and allows you to put the program into your hands. Allowing easy switches from a grid controller to a midi clip editor to a mixing screen.

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The newest feature, and possibly the most noteworthy, is the hardware feature allowing you to directly plug in your iPad or iPhone, opening up the possibilities for live performance. Other notable improvements include custom template design allowing you to create the most user friendly layout for yourself. You are also able to add a Live Device Template rack as an in app purchase to control all of Live’s instruments, at the tip of your fingers (seen above.) Touchable 3 also allows you to link up to other IOS apps for even more control.

touchAble-3-screenshot-device6.png (1449×980) 2015-10-20 15-56-20

The app allows you to effortlessly navigate between clips and clip envelopes. You are able to view a fully colored display of all your clips.

Another exciting aspect of Touchable 3 is the fact that you are taking Ableton and placing it your hands. It’s one step closer into taking the computer out of the equation and turning Ableton into an instrument. Additional features can also be bought and added from the App Store.

This is a brief overview of the capabilities of Touchable 3. There are countless new improvements and incredibly in depth new features that allow for maximized control. The highly intuitive App allows for seamless music production, editing and live performance. Touchable 3 is hard to beat when it comes to IOS control apps for Ableton.


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Download a free trial at the link below. In commemoration of their five year anniversary Touchable is holding a 50% off sale until October 25th.

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