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Hybrid Synthesizers are some times referred to as the next generation synthesizer. The reason for this is because it combines your classic analog wave forms with a digital wave table. So the word Hybrid is completely appropriate because essentially you have the spawn of a an analog and digital synth.

UVI, a Paris based company, which has a number of awards behind its name and has quite the trusted reputation, has just released the Falcon. A fully loaded hybrid synth software that can produce highly professional sound and can take your sound design to the next level. Through your own synthesized sounds to the number of high quality sounding presets, UVI hooks up any producer with an extremely powerful software.


UVI Falcon - Creative Hybrid Instrument 2015-11-06 16-29-54

(A look at on of the Falcon’s Reverb presets.)

The Falcon has a capability of running as a standalone synth, or can function within a DAW. Key features in the synth include 15 highly powerful oscillators including: sample-based oscillators, analog, analog stack, drum, FM, noise, organ, pluck and wavetable.

UVI Falcon - Creative Hybrid Instrument 2015-11-06 16-30-33

(Delay preset)

You’re set with 80 different effects to tweak your sound, which include delays, reverbs, filters, amps, drives, dynamics, analysis, plus much more. The effects hold powerful capabilities within themselves, like the convolution reverb capability, which is a very important tool for sound synthesis. You’re also capable of multi band processing or parallel processing.

UVI Falcon - Creative Hybrid Instrument 2015-11-06 16-32-19

(Powerful 8Band EQ)

Falcon’s event processors allows for pre-synthesis control, meaning you can use affects like arpeggiator, chorder, micro tuner, among other controls. The Falcon interface gives you the power to become extremely precise with individual macro control, and the function of ‘zooming’ in and out, from an instrument level, down to the key group level. Finally, Falcon is optimized for performance as well, giving you a birds eye view option of all your instruments.

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UVI is back by artists such as Garpark North, Guillaume Roussel, Cassius, Dr. Dre’s production team, and more. The Falcon is loaded with powerful and cutting edge technology and is currently being sold for a total of $229, with a $100 voucher reward offered towards other UVI products. Watch the trailer video below to get an idea of what Falcon can produce.

For more information on the UVI Palcon visit there website below:

UVI Falcon Overview


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