Viktor NV1- Free HTML5 Synthesizer


The Viktor NV-1 Synthesizer is a user friendly, online synthesizer. Whether you have a basic, or an in depth knowledge of how synthesizers work, the Viktor NV-1 is highly intuitive and simply laid out. You’re dealt a solid set of cards with 29 preset options ranging from the Accordion to an Underwater Water Bass Lead.

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The synth is set with the basics of three oscillators, a mixer, a polyphony component, a noise module, a primary and filter envelope, an LP filter and finally an LFO module. You can also tweak the compression, delay and reverb and master volume.

Viktor NV-1 Synthesizer 2015-10-22 15-22-53

(A number of presets.)

The cool thing about these sort of free synths is that you can get a pretty unique sound with them. They’re clearly coming from a place of simplicity, though that simplicity is hard to replicate in some cases. Aside from that the sound quality is pretty impressive, and you can noticeably hear the affect the modules have on the sound.

The Synth can be played with your keyboard or can be integrated with a midi controller, through your web browser.


Check it out at the link below!

Viktor NV-1 Synth

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