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We Make Dance Music is a website dedicated to a community of artists making music for the site and artists utilizing music on the site. It is a community marketplace that offers all sorts of various music-related goodies, things like Project Templates, samples + loops, even royalty-free music can be purchased there. They reached out to us recently about trying some of the Project Templates they have to offer so we checked out a few and wanted to share with you our experience so you could join the fun! We’ll give a brief overview of the website and purchase process then break down some of the templates we tried out.

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The Website

As we mentioned above the website has a lot to offer in the realm of downloadable music content. They organize the website into four main sections – Templates, Sounds, Stems, and Music – and a 5th page is available offering music services.

There looks like there are hundreds of templates available for purchase covering a huge variety of musical genres, DAW systems, even different generations of DAWs. Judging from the Ableton templates we downloaded you will receive the project files, samples/stems, and any presets used for native and third-party plugins. It seems you are likely to receive the same contents for other DAWs they work with – Ableton Live 9/10, Logic Pro 9/X, FL Studio 9-12/20, and Cubase 5/7/8/9.

The sounds are offered in three categories – by genre, by format, or by their featured We Make series. Sound formats range from Acapellas to loops to plugin presets and MIDI files. Presets and soundbanks from Native Instrument software like Massive, Maschine, FM8, and Razor are available, as well as similar packs for a few other virtual synths.

Stems are offered in WAV format and typically come in folders also containing MIDI files and relevant soundbanks. Those familiar and comfortable with using NI Stems will be happy to find plenty of options there as well. We Make Dance Music has a sizeable library of music available for royalty-free licensing, however, we noticed that there are many categories listed that do not actually contain any content for purchase. Despite that, those making video content will find a wide variety of tunes for use in their productions.

Finally, the website offers unique services like reworks, template creation, remixing, and ground-up production. The details are listed below in the image, here’s why they say you should consider it:

Are you looking to improve your current projects? Do you need a custom-written production to enhance your studio sessions? We offer affordable, reliable and quality services in theDAW and the genre of your choice.

Depending on your expectations, we provide different levels of music production to suit your creative needs. Our passionate and talented artists are excited to take your project to the next level ensuring your full satisfaction. 

With our flexible payment method, you have the option to pay for the services in two halves. During the production process, we will make a services agent available for you via Whatsapp, Skype or Messenger.

When ready, the on-demand project is fully yours and you retain all the rights to it.


The purchase process for templates was easy and straightforward, we purchased 3 templates in various genres and downloaded them with ease. You can preview the songs on each page then add them to your shopping cart with nearly the same click. You’ll see a list of third-party plugins listed which is extremely helpful as you are less likely to pursue a project if you don’t own the listed plugins. On the other hand, maybe you’ll be convinced to finally make that plugin purchase! Below that list you’ll find a product description and conveniently located at the bottom of the templates’ pages are similar projects.

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The Templates

We downloaded three different template projects for Ableton Live to see how they are organized and to understand their value more. We downloaded a Techno project that was a remake of the Tiga and Kolsch track HAL, a dubstep project called Burn Up, and a Future Bass project named Dream. The projects varied in terms of track size and production quality from amateur to professional. For an example of an amateur production, the remake track was the weakest example we explored. While the remake was accurate in the major points of production for the song it lacked the nuanced effects found in the original and didn’t precisely mirror the song structure. The Burn Up and Dream projects were both up to snuff with professional recordings and were good examples of their respective genres.

An unexpected downfall of these templates, though not major, is in the presentation of included audio samples that have likely been brought in from outside sample packs. The quality of these samples is often so good that they don’t need to be processed further which is helpful only if you tend to use samples. If you’re looking to recreate them you will have no path to follow.

As far as templates go, from what we saw We Make Dance Music has a lot of quality content to offer. Templates are great educational tools to utilize in the pursuit of expanding your production skills and there is a huge variety of different genres to work and learn from on the We Make Dance Music website. Prices range from $3 to an average of $20 for templates and more custom projects are available up in the hundreds of dollars. Find your template here on the We Make Dance Music Website.


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