Why It’s the Perfect Time to Learn Music Production

What does learning music production have to offer that other investments may not? Well, plenty! We’re to tell you all about the hidden benefits to an education in music production you probably aren’t aware of.

Continue below to see what we’re talking about!

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Transferable Skills


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With all the uncertainty in the world right now, your first thought may not be to spend money on larger expenses. Investing in education of any sort, especially music production, may seem at odd’s end.

Guess again.

Investing in music production education is EXACTLY the thing you should do. There are so many benefits that extend beyond the immediate knowledge you’ll gain.

You’ll learn all about music theory, rhythm, songwriting, sound design, performing, and engineering, each of which will help you develop skills that you can bring into other areas of your life.

Courses in music production, like the ones we offer here at Beat Lab Academy, give you all of that and more.

Aside from the direct benefits of learning music production, there are many skills you wouldn’t expect to pick up along the way. Because it is a technical AND creative endeavor you are guaranteed to build skills that can be applied to many areas of your life.

In addition to making the dopest of beats, at the end of your music production education, you’ll find yourself enriched in ways you never would have expected.

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Computer Skills



Computer skills are probably the first skills you’ll develop in the process of learning music production. Music production requires working on a computer, and diving into complex technical topics.

You’ll need to interact with all sorts of file types, third-party software applications, and often even video. That opens up another form of media and associated file types and software you may learn to use.

Ultimately you don’t just learn how to make music, you learn how to take advantage of the tools available to modern computing and the internet as a whole. Naturally, along the way, there will be frustrations as issues arise. That brings us to troubleshooting.

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For every profession, even labor-based trades, you will need to troubleshoot problems. Troubleshooting unexpected issues as they come up is an invaluable skill to have. How can you solve problems? Can you recognize problems before they arise? How could you improve upon certain processes you (or your company) use?

Those sorts of questions come with the territory of learning music production because you develop habits that help you create the type of music you want to create. Troubleshooting can be applied to every corner of life.

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Collaborative / Social Skills


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When talking about every corner of your life, what’s more important than your social skills, or ability to work with people? Got a project coming up that needs some outside assistance? Good thing you took that class that forced you to write songs with your classmates.

You learn how to navigate the complex and often emotional relationships that arise from collaborative projects while writing music. Who takes lead in a writing session? Who follows? How do you make a constructive suggestion without stepping on anyone’s toes?

Now take those questions and replace “writing session” with whatever your current employer has you working on. If you are unemployed, that’s alright, as you’ll interview for jobs and that’s the perfect time to use your newfound skills with some hypothetical situations.

Workplace cohesion is supremely important, often more important than your technical qualifications for the position. After studying music production you’ll be flexing your jacked emotional intelligence at your next job, interview, or social gathering.


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Discipline and Motivation


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Well, “what a commitment!” you may think to yourself about enrolling in a music production course. That’s exactly the point. If you have trouble with discipline and motivation, there isn’t a better way to juice those skills than learning music production.

“Why and how?” you may ask? Mainly because it’s hella fun. You could make goofy beats, club bangers, trunk-rattlers, laid-back jams, funky boppers, or beats of any kind and you’d be having fun no matter how good it all sounds. Reward yourself with a creative endeavor that produces a repeatable source of enjoyment. Bump that beat you just made in your car, on your phone, share with your friends!

Staying disciplined will come with the journey. It may not be easy, you will get discouraged, but it’s a pretty low-stakes process to fail at. Does that beat you spent hours on suck? It might, and that’s okay. You will learn from each beat you make, and have fun doing it.

Learning how to accept failure and move past it is a valuable life lesson. Learning music production will challenge you in so many ways, and often. Let the process be your guru, and let instructors be your mentors.

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Do your time-management skills suck? After a solid music production course, they won’t suck nearly as much. You’ll have to juggle homework assignments, attending daily/weekly classes, and working on extended-length projects that develop over the course. Along the way, your own growing expectations will keep you in line.

Everyone needs a little structure, and music production education is a fantastic way to introduce that into your life. Once you graduate, you’ll have continued time-management needs.

Want to put more music out? You’ll be able to balance that with your other obligations. Want to get signed to a label? They’ll expect deadlines, and you to keep those deadlines.

Time-management will bring you up to the next level of adulthood. And of course, if you plan on taking your education and developing a career, you’ll be prepared to do that.

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Business/Entrepreneurial Skills


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Music production can require much more than musical skills if you choose to treat it like a business. In that case, you’ll need to tap your business skills.

In any music production course worth its tuition (like ours), you’ll learn about the music industry as well. Navigating the business world can be tricky at times, but you’ll get there.

What is branding? How do you start your business? You’ll learn all about this in our course, and hopefully any other course you choose to take.

Want to promote your music on social media? You just learned about branding, about fan engagement, and are well on your way to social media mastery.

These skills will be helpful in ANY business.

What about contracts? Have you signed an agreement with a label? Been hired as a work-for-hire producer? You’ll need to know what to say and how to say it in order to protect yourself and your work. That doesn’t stop with music production, yet again, it’s a skill you can take anywhere.

Finally, finances. Maybe you’re making money from your music streaming, or your merchandise. Time to balance those books! You won’t learn that in high school but you will with a solid music production education.

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Treat Yourself

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Times are tough, take a win for yourself by starting a journey. Learning music production opens up an entire world to you.

Treat yourself! Take advantage of all this free time, blow off a little steam, and take the leap.

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