Why You Should Start Using Ableton Now!


Workflow Heaven

The most important aspect of a DAW is its ease of use. The faster and more efficiently a producer can work in their DAW, the better. With its intuitive layout, Ableton offers a streamlined and sleek work experience that keeps producers of all backgrounds and levels in movement.

Even beginners can get up and running making music in an extremely short amount of time.

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Arrangement View and Session View



Ableton Live’s interface consists of two main views, Arrangement and Session. Arrangement acts as a traditional view for recording, programming, and editing, while Session view brings a new, clip-oriented take on production. The addition of Session view gives users a drawing board to test out new song ideas, whether that be a new melody, drum pattern, or vocal take. Some producers use Session view to produce entire songs!

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Get You A DAW That Can Do Both



By both, I mean creating music and performing it. Yes, Ableton allows users to produce tracks and perform them without the need for any other software. This is such a time saver for touring producers.

Arrangement view provides performers with playback, which gives them a backing band. With  Session view, performers can live loop: playing melodies, harmonies, and drum patterns via launching clips and recording instruments. Arrangement view and Session view can even be used together for a performance. The possibilities are endless!

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This is gold! Warping is the process of time stretching audio. This is generally done to make samples fit the set’s tempo. Ableton’s warp engine is super powerful! It features 6 different warp modes to cater to all of your sampling needs. An amazing perk of using Ableton is that once you warp a song, you never need to warp it again.

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Solid Built-In Effects




Although the number differs, all versions of Ableton come with native effects, such as EQ, Compressor, and Delay. For the vast majority of production needs, Ableton’s stock effects do a solid job. Ableton stock plug-ins are relatively easy to use, highly customizable, and provide professional quality output, which is a must. No producer wants to use a plug-in that makes their music sound worse. With Ableton stock plug-ins, your music will sound great!

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How Do I Get Started?

Now’s the perfect time to take classes to improve your abilities. For a limited time, we are offering our online classes at 50% off, which is a total steal. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

Beat Lab Academy’s online production and in-person Ableton courses will give you the skills you need to become tomorrow’s super producer. You’re not alone, take advantage of this deal ending this week!



Ableton is now offering a free 90-day trial of Live 10 Suite. Access your free trial here. Once you’re ready to purchase, you can use your Beat Lab student discount for an additional 40% off!


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June 8, 2020

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