World Cup Horn Suppressor – Zynaptiq’s A.I. Solution to Futbol Noise

The World Cup may have just ended but the excitement is only just beginning for the NEXT World Cup in 2022. Fortunately for us, this time around fans may have noticed various broadcasts’ signals sounding relatively clean and free of those blaring horns (commonly referred to as Vuvuzelas or compressor horns) that were so prominent in 2010 and 2014. This is all thanks to an impressive plugin developed by Zynaptiq called simply, “World Cup Horn Suppressor”.

The technology built within the plugin is capable of suppressing the honking sound of compressor horns in REAL TIME while leaving stadium ambiance and commentary largely unaffected. Zynaptiq utilized a technique called source signal separation (otherwise known as de-mixing) to accomplish this balance in the broadcast audio signal. The coolest part of this process is that artificial intelligence is behind the powerful effect of demixing the audio signals, A.I. works with precise filters to isolate and ‘erase’ the honking.

Jens Lyd, sound engineer at TV2, Denmark said the following about the plugin’s conception, “We were getting complaints about the compressor horns being too dominant in the audio of our World Cup transmissions, and there really wasn’t a lot that could be done about that with traditional tools. So we contacted Zynaptiq – and within days, they provided an easy-to-use solution that quite simply completely fixed the issue for us.”

Listen to this clip from the 2010 World Cup…


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Now listen to this clip from the 2018 World Cup…


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The difference is astonishing! We are extremely grateful for Zynaptiq to have developed such a clever tool to make our viewing experience so much better. It couldn’t help us with the disappointment of the U.S. soccer team though. If interested in the plugin you can apply for a free 3-month temporary license here on the Zynaptiq website.


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