Zont – The Gameboy-like Digital Synthesis



This slim pocket-sized digital synthesizer is taking the producer community by storm with its futuristic design and modern digital interface.

Zont is designed by New York based industrial and motion graphics designer- Pavel Golovkin.

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Cartridge-like Sound Engine


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Zont comes with four basic cartridge-like sound engines that are interchangeable like gameboy cartridges. The four sound engines are: Lead, Bass, Rhythm and Noise
Lead: “Hundreds of original presets from soft melodic to huge monophonic leads. Customise presets or create your own unique sounds and tones.”

Bass: “Beef up even the most bass driven genres, from hip-hop to drum-n-bass. Customise presets or create your own unique sounds and tones.”

Rhythm: “Original rhythm synthesizer let’s you create punchy electronic and acoustic drum sounds”

Noise: “Pure sound design with no presets or patterns. Perfect for warm ambience or meditative soundscapes.”

Zont will also be issuing limited edition sound engine cartridge that is designed by famous producer. On the website it looks like the white cartridge is designed by Jamie XX.

Zont also has a built-in sequencer that allows rhythm and melody composition.

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A Cross-Platform Synthesizer




Zont can be connected physically using RCA cable, MIDI, USB-C and 3.5 mm jack outputs. It can also be connected to the smartphone through bluetooth. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.The wifi cloud-sync feature is another cool platform for cloud-based collaboration.It has Wi-fi to allow producers to collaborate remotely.

There are no video demonstrations of Zont yet. It is unclear how the synthesizer will sound like and the price is also unclear. Yet is definitely an exciting news for producers who are seeking more hands-on experience with digital synthesis.




According to the website, Zont will be available in Fall 2017

Additional Technical specs:
rechargeable batter
3.55 mm headphone jacks
AMOLED display
stereo speakers

For more information: http://zontsound.com/

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