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- Exploring the Style
- How to Arpegiate/Sequence
- Drum Programming in the style
(Nightcore/Glitchcore and Trap) - How to Hyperpop Vocals
- Exclusive Hyperpop Racks

$70 USD $120 USD

Drum & Bass

- Jungle Breaks Collection
- History and Subgenres
- Drum Programming in the style
- How to Noise Bass
- Exclusive d&b Ableton
template, Racks, and Vital Presets.

$70 USD $120 USD

Jersey Club

- Jersey Club Sample Pack
- Custom Jersey 808 Wavetable Rack
- Jersey Drum Patterns
- How to Chop Up Jersey Vocals
- Jersey Club Arrangement

$70 USD $120 USD

Featured Masterclass

Future R&B

Discover all the modern techniques for this super cool style.

✓ R&B Music Theory Crash Course

✓ Exclusive MIDI Effect Rack Harmonizers 

✓ Ableton Live Template

✓ Future R&B Chord Glides Racks

✓ Lofi Bleep Instrument Rack

✓ Audio Effect Rack – Channel Strip 

$39 USD $70 USD

Future Bass

- Choosing the Right sounds
- Audio Effects for Future Bass
- Drum Programming in the style
- How to Chord Stacks
- Exclusive Future Bass Ableton template, Racks, Effects and presets.

$39 USD $70 USD

Melodic Trap

- How to Use Guitar Plugins
- Arpeggiated Melodies
- Drum Patterns
- How to 808
- Exclusive Melodic Trap Ableton
template & Racks

$39 USD $70 USD

Hybrid Trap

- Understanding the Style
- Agressive Drum Processing
- How to include dubstep influences
- Bass Sound Design
- Exclusive Ableton Audio Effect & MIDI effect Racks

$39 USD $70 USD

Intro to EDM

- Intro to Music Production
- Intro to Ableton
- Drum Racks
- How to EDM Build ups and Drops
- Popular Drum Patterns
- Ableton Templates

$19 USD $39 USD

Future Funk

- Influences of disco
- Future Disco Drum Patterns
- Chord Progressions in the style
- How to write a funky bassline
- Exclusive Ableton Template & Instrument Racks

$39 USD $70 USD

Drum Programming

- Intro to Rhythm Theory
- Drum Racks Deep Dive
- MIDI Editing Cheat Sheet
- Arrangement sequencing
- Custom Side Brain Racks Included!

$39 USD $70 USD

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Tropical House

- Choosing the Right sounds
- Chord Progressions techniques
- How to write strong melodies
- The right BPM Range
- Texture and vibe techniques

$39 USD $70 USD

Indie Electronica

- Recording Setup Overview
- Manipulating Acoustic Drum Loops
- Creating Drum Kits from Loops
- Using Guitar in your productions
- Incorporating electronica in acoustic productions
- Harmonica Mic EQ Preset for indie vocals
- Exclusive Ableton Live Template

$39 USD $70 USD

Afro Beat

- Fela Kuti Vs. Today
- Clave Patterns
- Afro RnB Chord Progressions
- InstantAfro Max for Live Device
- Sound Selection

$39 USD $70 USD

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