2016 KVR Developer Challenge – Submissions Released (41 Freebies)

It’s that time of the year again! The 6th annual KVR Developer Challenge has published the submissions for their annual contest. The challenge receives submissions from sound designers and engineers around the country looking to release their software creations upon the world. Submissions include VST/AU plugins and sound ware products. The best part is, they’re all free to download.

This year’s lineup features an array of plugins, from death metal vocal sound banks to psychedelic dub effects. Here are some we think are worth checking out.

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This is an excellent granular reverb delay effect. By using granular techniques and firing each grain from a different point in the delay buffer, you can easily create vast soundscape and other worlds echoes. Use feedback to build droning soundscapes or shorten the delay to create a metallic-like chorus effect. Play around with a large range of sophisticated stereo delays to produce a range of natural and unnatural spaces. For Windows only.

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This plugin makes it easy and intuitive to transpose your music to different modes. By only playing the white keys, you can play a range of famous and custom-made scales. Using emojis for scale names, this plugin in wins in terms of a user friendly interface, but also in terms of making unusual modes more accessible. Watch the intro video here. For Windows and Mac.

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Want to incorporate some old school sound into your mix? Try out Devicer, which stimulates 16 different vintage devices, such as the good ‘ol VHS video recorder, CD radio, Tape cassette, 80’s toy, turntable, etc. You can use this to “oldie-ify” your mix or just to play around with creatively. It has a sleek interface and two basic parameters, so it’s easy to use. For Windows only.


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This one is a multi-faceted instrument featuring some well known and lesser known instruments from around the world. Samples include violins from Morocco, vocals from Sri Lanka, and trumpet from the US. Also features harmonica, steel drum, harpsichord, and dobro instruments. Lots to offer, simple to use, there’s something in here for everyone. For Windows & Mac.

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Beat Trickster


Take your listeners on a ride at the creepy carnival. This is a packed library with all the dark basslines, cheery bells, cartoonish toy keyboards and malicious pads you need to give your dubstep or trap mixes a twisted twist. Based on the Beat Zampler//RX by Synapse Audio, you can flip through 1,600+ GB of sample content, or download additional sound sets online. For Windows & Mac. Welcome to the abyss!

So, there you have it. Hopefully there’s something for you in these 41 freebies. You can flip through and download them all on the challenge’s website. And while this year you’re downloading them, maybe next year you’ll be submitting something of your own.

KVR Audio Forum members decide the winner of this year’s competition, so join the forum and cast your vote through Dec 18th. Perhaps next year you can be casting in your ballot for your own creation.

KVR is a community and news site for Audio plug-ins. Learn more at https://www.kvraudio.com.

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