AAS Objeq – Finger Drum Through the Table

AAS may be a familiar name if you have played around in Ableton Live before, that’s because it is the company responsible for Live Instruments like Analog. These software instruments native to Ableton Live have long been a blessing and show of staying power in the industry for virtual instruments. Objeq records your taps on nearby surfaces and transforms them into sounds you can choose within the app. There are various percussion instruments available like congas, bongos, djembes, or any other resonant type of instrument. The app is a fun exploration into the possibilities of technology and human movement!

The instruments Objeq has available to choose from are beam, drumhead, and plate resonator; the instruments can be tweaked to your liking, parameters include pitch, material, decay, and tone. Tap in a beat and then shape your sound with the intuitive controls that utilize the versatility of an iPad’s touchscreen. Objeq is the newest in a line of applications that transform external tapping into internal sounds, similar in function to other alternatives like Impaktor and  Mogees which have been around for a while now. Objeq is unique with its XY axis controls and interface.

Available in the Apple app store for $3.99

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