More music, more love, more freshness. Enjoy the collection below! Try to stay warm in the cold. Listen Below.

The Same Persons – Give Me

Give Me is a beautiful house track featuring a guitar and vocal opening. The drop is incredibly catchy thanks to the blippy bass and kick drum. The second build/verse evens out the energy with some more singing and instruments, it’s all lovely. Give Me takes house production back to its roots and remains original at the same time. The production is clean as hell and this one is now on our club bangers playlist. Listen below.

DUETS AND STUFF – Serve Somebody

Is Winter over yet? It’s especially hard to tell while listening to this delicious indie song by Duets and Stuff. Halfway between moody winter and shiny summer, the vibes on this song remain blissful. The marimba player deserves a shoutout for humbly chirping along. The singer’s vocals are fantastic as well. Listen below.

Zap Holmes – My Incredible Companions

The cover artwork perfectly describes the feeling of this song – light and breezy. As far as instrumentals go this song carries a wonderful amount of emotion. Some sort of shamizen carries the lead melody and is delightful, simply delightful. It strikes the right tone for bliss, melancholy, and longing. This song evokes a complete and utter sense of wishfulness. Listen below.

Mirel – Bleinsfeld Episode 1

Mirel is one of the most refreshing voices we’ve heard in hip-hop this year. He makes us excited to do what we do. The production provides whimsical support to the timbre of his voice. Its gravely, exasperated, and confident. It’s still early in the year, we think he’ll remain high in our regards. Listen below.

Khalid & Normani – Love Lies (Docksin Turn)

Docksin’s Bootleg of Love Lies is a faithful reminder of why electronic music is important to the music world. Docksin turns a catchy – but sleepy – R&B song into an even more catchy future bass song. It’s an impressive show of skills and attention by Docksin. The production is great, and the additions he made to the original are tasteful. We like this better than the original, you may too. Listen below.

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