Drums and FX – Roland DJ Controllers Updated

Roland just recently released firmware updates for its flagship Serato DJ Controllers – the DJ-202, DJ-505, and DJ-808. For anyone not yet familiar with the series, the Roland Serato DJ Controllers are all DJ controllers equipped with onboard sequencing abilities. The introduction of the sequencer into the DJ controllers was meant to give DJs the ability to improvise drum programming during their sets adding another layer to their performances. The controllers have been a major hit so far further narrowing the gap between producer and DJ.

The DJ-202 and the DJ-505 gained the most samples from the recent updates with added drum sounds, while the DJ-505 and DJ-808 were given three new Master FX; the DJ-808 was given four new Channel FX, and Nudge and Tap Tempo features were added to the onboard TR-S step sequencer. This was one of the most desired and talked about feature for the controller series, before the updates you were required to adjust sequences using the jog wheel which was inaccurate and imprecise. Thankfully we no longer need to deal with that! If you haven’t had a chance to play around with any of these awesome controllers then check back in to the blog for when we do our review of the series.

Until then, you can learn more about the feature updates on the Roland website.

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