Fresh Tracks of the Month July 8th, 2019

Welcome back everyone, it has been two months since our last release of the Fresh Tracks of the Month. We hope you all enjoyed and celebrated Independence Day (American readers mostly). If you weren’t celebrating then we welcome you to the month of July regardless! Continue below for some of the hottest tracks that were submitted to us recently via Submithub. Listen below.

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Prayrain, Tom Lohrman – One-Sided

Prayrain and Tom Lohrman teamed up on this electric collaboration called One-Sided. The production is clean and a pleasure to listen to, especially with the powerful vocals of both artists included. The vibes create a catchy back-and-forth between the two vocalists that is easy to move to and easier to hear again. The song’s release is just in time for summer and will surely make its way into pool party setlists everywhere. The seemingly effortless efforts have paid off, listen below.



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Jonny Joel – Twosteps

Jonny Joel’s Twosteps is hot and catchy, a release perfectly suited for summer. We were immediately in love with the track as its minimalistic production created a spellbinding melody and rhythm. Together the two draw you and let you float in the imaginary pool party this song puts you in. All the while you can enjoy that image while at an ACTUAL pool party where this will surely have its place all summer. Bottom’s up, listen below.



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Whatever We Are – Heaven

Soaring production and flawless harmonies locked this song into our list for the month. While the track retains subtle energy throughout it always carries the sense of something bigger to come. Once that chorus/drop finally comes the release is so so sweet. The arrangement is reminiscent of the early 2000s with a clearly more recent take on the production which elevates the song. We’re blessed with that sweet spot between nostalgic and utterly present. Listen below.



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Lanterns – Trends

Lantern’s Trends shines bright like a fresh car just washed under the sun. The singer’s vocal trills add character to the already phenomenal production quality. It brings attention-grabbing catchiness and is easy enough to play in the background – in our opinion an ideal balance – with style. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track on any upcoming Netflix releases, it certainly has the potential for licensing. It is fun and a joy to listen to, so listen below.



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OIR – Control

Control is a low-tempo track with plenty of finesse and class. OIR clearly knows how to use the arrangement to the song’s advantage, and instrumentation to boot. One of our favorite parts is nearly a minute in when the drums drop out and only to return with a crispy synthesizer lead. The production lends to the rainy-day eeriness and calm that the song evokes. Get ready for some major chillin’. Listen below.



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