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Our instructor Yeuda Ben-Atar AKA Side Brain did an interview for Splice is an online service that’s lets you share and collaborate with other Ableton Live users (now also supports Logic and FL Studio users). Think of it like Dropbox but specially programmed for your DAW.

What’s cool about Splice is that it keep tracks of all the changes each collaborator has done. So it’s easy to manage projects with multiple participants without worrying of someone deleting a good part of the track.

It also keep track on the plugins you are using so you can tell which plug-ins you need to Freeze.

As part of the interview Side Brain released a free Ableton Live project you can download. Check it out here it’s a Remix for Paul Dateh – Incomplete which is a song out of his new Album. Check out Paul’s youtube channel, Beat Lab’s Vocal and Violin teacher.

Full Interview here

March 5, 2016

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