IK Multimedia’s New Fender Collection 2


Digital emulation of analog gear has become almost unbelievable in the past few years and falling in line with that trend is the new Fender Collection 2 from IK Multimedia – a collection of seven models of Fender’s most classic amplifiers made popular by rock n’ roll legends of the 50s and 60s. IK Multimedia uses their new Dynamic Interaction Modeling algorithm to recreate the intricacies of each amp’s sound with such accuracy Fender has given approval for official use of the certified amp models. The classic amp models available are the ’65 Super Reverb, ’53 Bassman, ’57 Bandmaster, ’57 Custom Champ, ’57 Custom Deluxe, ’57 Custom Pro-Amp, and the ’57 Custom Twin-Amp. Check out this overview video from IK Multimedia to get a taste of each amp model:

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As you can see, each amp model comes with the original knobs of the classic amplifiers. IK Multimedia has given such amazing attention to detail with their new algorithm that the way the classic amplifiers would respond to changes of each amp setting, AND in relation to each other setting, is emulated with incredible accuracy.


From everything I have seen and heard so far about this plug-in I am very impressed. Having been a guitar player for over 10 years and having an awesome Fender tube amp of my own, I honestly can’t believe the tone that is coming out of this digital re-creation. The clean sounds are so lush and beautiful, and each amp distorts in a way that sounds so classic AND still contains that lush analog feel. Digital distortion usually sucks, well unless you’re purposefully using that sound, but these amp models remain warm when cranked up! And I have to say again that the accuracy with which the Fender 2 Collection emulates the specific sound of this era has me thinking I’m probably going to be buying this plug-in in the very near future. Check out Greg Koch, a legendary blues guitarist, ripping on each amp model and loving it:

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IK Multimedia is also offering a free demo version of the software for anyone that wants to demo it before purchasing. Download that HERE. The software supports VST, AU, and AAX plug-in standards or can run as 64-bit standalone application on MAC and PCs.

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