Misa NSC-32 – A Massive Sequencer


The Misa NSC-32 is a ridiculously big MIDI sequencer, that allows musicians and producers to manipulate and create melodic riffs, bass lines, drum sequences and much more, in a fluid flow of expression. The NSC-32 is compatible with samplers, synthesizers and a variety of different DAWS, through MIDI or USB.




This massive piece of equipment is essentially a giant step sequencer, packed with 768 button grid, which is used as the live visual of your sequence, or pattern. There are 16 control buttons that allow you to sift through a variety of actions, like looping, octave drops and bumps, banks selections, play and stop buttons, etc., along with 6 faders that are MIDI assignable.

The 768 buttons can be loaded with preset sequences, making the entire grid into one big soundbank. The video below gives a good look at the basics of how the NSC-32 functions while in action. The controller is currently being sold at $1,795.00, which could be a bit of an overhaul, but what can we say, a massive 768 button sequencer is pretty cool. It’ll be interesting to continue to watch the growth and evolution of the grid controller in the grid controller era.


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