2 Exotic Scales + Scale MIDI Effect Cheat Sheet (Free Download)

2 Exotic Scales + Scale MIDI Effect Cheat Sheet We continue with our Ableton Effects cheat sheet series. Check out the previous cheat sheets and techniques by CLICKING HERE. The entire collection is available to Beat Lab students and alumni. The Scale MIDI effect can remove incoming MIDI notes or correct notes out of key to the right notes. It can be very powerful for coming up with bass lines, chords and melodies that all play nicely in key. Scroll down to the bottom to download the free cheat sheet. divider style=”clear” Japanese Scale Based on a Pentatonic structure (5 notes) this magical scale works amazing on harps. divider style=”clear” Chinese Scale Also based on the Pentatonic. This time it’s a basic Major Pentatonic scale based on B. divider style=”clear” Scale Cheat Sheet We made a cheat sheet for you to quickly reference all the functions of the Scale …

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