75% Off Eventide Blackhole – Hollywood’s Reverb (Ends March 31st)

Eventide has been running for over 40 years now and have placed themselves as veterans of the digital audio processing game. Their famed reverb plugin called Blackhole, known for its cinematic results, and powerful sheen-adding ability, just got a huge price cut and is worth mentioning while you can still get it cheap.

The Blackhole plugin features 50 presets constructed by artists like Richard Devine, Flood & Alan Moulder, Sigur Rós, Vernon Reid and John Agnello. The gravity paramter allows you to invert the decay mode of the reverb. The most notable feature within the plugin is the unique and intuitive, ribbon controller, allowing you to hot swap, and morph between assigned parameters and ranges, for a expressive control.

The Blackhole is centered around making artificial, out of this world, sounding reverb and can add a gripping aspect to any of your tracks or sounds. The plugin is on sale until March 31st with a huge 75% shaved off the original price, ($199 to $49.) Check out the video below to see the Blackhole in action, and follow the link HERE to download your Blackhole now.


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