Fresh Tracks of the Month – January 2021

We are bringing in 2021 with a showcase of our favorite Alumni releases from the past month.  From ambient waterfalls to wompy bass lines, these tracks offer a playful range of musical talent and vibe that are as fresh as the powder snow on Mountain High today.  So sit back, relax, and get down!


AllieyXO feat Britt LariDeseos 

Alliey XO crafts a beautiful winter bop with the singer and Beat Lab alumn Britt Lari.  XO’s production builds a cool-toned background for Lari’s yearning Latin vocal performance while airy synth plucks push the melodic power of this track into another realm.  The track is driven forward by a pulsing kick that culminates in a liberating final drop.  Reminiscent of cool nights near so-cal beaches, this song is indie-pop meets deep house in a beautiful Latin winter spell that is sure to bring a sparkle to your night.




Partywithray – In the Mood

Partywithray stays true to his name in this heavy-hitting club banger. This track echos the potency of Ray’s break out collaboration with producer ZHU –  “Came for the Low.”  The ‘four on the floor’ pushes forward dark wompy bass lines and subversive vocal shots that drop you into what could only be described as dance subspace. This song is begging to be played at the club, but could definitely get your body moving in any context.



Sjfleish – Soda Showers

Bringing you in slowly, Soda Showers is an ambient soundscape of underwater melodies, feelings, and moving water.  This folktronica track reveals an ethereal alter universe and gives the sensation of witnessing successive sunrises. Sjfleish skillfully weaves experimental vocals, chimes, horns, and harmonies into evolving waves reminiscent of a scene from your favorite indie movie.  Playing softly in the background of your own life as your own personal soundtrack, Soda Showers is a beautiful addition to the perfect indie playlist.




BlakeQuakes – Deep Blue

Blakequakes delivers on this genre-blending track, serving us an 808 trap style piano and vocal chop before he takes us into a softer world of melody and cosmic messages.  One gets the feeling of ‘lift-off’ as oscillating risers transition the style from the dark ‘tip-toeing’ piano of a g-funk hip-hop beat to another planet. To close the song, esoteric Latin phrases and Spanish guitar remind you that you are no longer in the same reality. Use the cover image below to listen to this fresh track.















Tsuruda and Mike Parvizi– spicy bois rained out

Technically released 9 months ago on Bandcamp, ‘spicy bois rained out’ is now finally available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms. This ‘bowser type’ beat was produced by Tsuruda in collaboration with Beat Lab Instructor Mike Parvizi. Its heavy bass drops us into the 8-bit underworld with a driving swing that keeps your head bopping.  The bass is left behind in the final section to lead us into a lighter space before the song completes. Definitely worth a listen and a great intro to Tsuruda’s complete album.




Inkarose – Solar Shower

Less of a ‘track’ and more of a 45-minute sound journey into your inner world, Solar Shower is an ambient meditative soundtrack that calms the nervous system and reminds us to slow down and receive. Inkarose, a self-described sound curator, producer, and therapist diverges from their previous lyrically-driven and Latin inspired mixes to emerge in this total musical detox. Waterfalls, birds, gentle piano, and harp and chime arpeggiation all lead the way as we a wist off into this balancing musical journey.




If you’ve enjoyed these track and would like to start your own journey with music production, learn more about our upcoming courses.



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