Beat Lab Presents: Moldover, The Godfather of Controllerism


Beat Lab Academy recently hosted a workshop featuring a man who has been regarded as the Godfather of Controllerism. A renegade in the game of electronic music, a genius of craftsmanship, and an extremely creative musician, Moldover came over to show off some homemade controllers, talk a little bit about the art of creating them,  and how to push the boundaries of live performance in electronic music.

Controllerism is the term used to describe the growing scene of developing and creating homemade controllers. With the widespread use of DAW’s that incorporate the use of controllers, and the multitude of ways that they can be used, it was only a matter of time until very bright and creative minds developed ways to create the most suitable controllers for their styles.




Moldover, a mad genius of sorts, has been developing DIY controllers for the majority of his musical career and coined the term of Controllerism circa 2005. In the Beat Lab workshop he was able to give a presentation of his Mojo controller, a tank of a controller, designed to provide enough intuition play blindfolded. His Robocaster, a sort of beast of a controller-guitar hybrid, and finally his “microphone with buttons,” which can manipulate and change the sound of Moldover’s voice in realtime. Checkout the insanity below as Moldover goes over his innovations at The Lab.


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Checkout Moldover’s full website here and get your mind blown!

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