Izotope DDLY – Dynamic Delay (Free Until March 10th)


Izotope is releasing there powerful delay plugin for free until March 10th. This particular delay is pretty nuts in its capabilities, designed in a way that splits two different delays between high’s and low’s, and can get really heavy and grimy, real quick.

The DDLY has got a scroll bar on the left side which divides the sends of your audio between two delays, top and bottom. In both delays there are a set of five parameters, and two different modes: analog and grain. In the analog mode you can control the time of the delay, the feedback, the trash (which really gets the grime going,) a dry control and a wet control. For the grain mode you can control, the time and feedback, but are given an alternate option of pitch, size, and mix.




Another key feature in the plugin is the filter control which allows you to apply the delay to certain frequencies. With this, you can split up your two delays with two frequency passes and wither alternate between the two, or lock your scroll bar in the middle of the delays to get a filled in, trippy sound. You are also given the option of syncing your feedback and turning off a delay to focus in on one set of parameters.




If you notice on the right side of the delay there is a panic button, set in for rightful reason. The DDLY is powerful. It is grimy. And it can get loud. So Izotope hooked you up with an easy out, in case things get too crazy. After messing around for an hour or so the capabilities of the plugin become clear, there is the option to have the subtle delay effects, as with any delay. But there is also the more experimental route you can take the DDLY to accomplish long, drony, heavy and grimy sounds.

Well worth a look, as is anything released from Izotope. Click the link to get to the download page and check out Izotope’s full list of products here. Remember, the DDLY is only free until March 10th, so get it now!

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