Beat Snap – A Snappy Entry Into Mobile Beatmaking

Mixvibes is the same developer responsible for the highly popular Cross DJCross DJ Pro, and Remixlive and this week we want to tell you about their new beat making app – Beat Snap. Mixvibes describes the app as follows,

“An intuitive app for music lovers. Right from the start, the users will feel like they already know about music making since they can visualize every family of instruments they are playing on the 32 pads. More than playing beats live and adding FX, creating a full track ready to be shared has never been so easy thanks to the 4 sequences! The sound packs are inspired by the hottest tracks and genres give access to unlimited creativity and will give music lovers this unique “I’m a beatmaker now!” feeling.”

That’s a delightful pitch and looking at the interface we can tell it’s coming from the right place of love. The app looks like a breeze to use just like Mixvibes’ other apps. The app is set up in a similar way to other clip launching/loop-based DAWS like Launchpad or Ableton Live. You can use the 32 pads (with wonderfully displayed images of the instruments you’re playing) to jam live and make beats in seconds.

The intuitive layout displays a sequencer arrangement at the top so you can see which pads you’re triggering in which order as you record them. Transport controls make it easy to start, pause and stop so you can record the up to 4 sequence patterns like an MPC. In addition to the 35 instruments, you have access to 6 live-controllable effects units, you can activate two effects simultaneously.

You can choose which instruments you use from 40 packs (with more on their way) each with different styles. After making your beat the app allows for easy uploading to the cloud via email, cloud, messaging or direct upload to Soundcloud. If that isn’t enough, there’s even a tips section updated daily.

The app can be purchased via monthly or yearly subscription access to more packs and can be downloaded from the Apple app store here and on the Android here.


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