DLYM – Imaginado Releases FREE Delay Modulator Plugin

Imaginado recently released a free plugin called DLYM, a Delay effect with an internal LFO (hence Modulator). Imaginado is known for its popular DRC synth it released last year and its class of iOS apps for controlling Ableton Live and Traktor. DLYM produces a chorus and flanger effect that is modeled from the DRC effects engine. As per usual with Imaginado’s plugins, DLYM has a clean and simple interface adhering to the flat design world, with a minimalistic approach in mind. The plugin has the following features:

  • 2 processing modes – ‘Analog emulation’ and ‘Dimension style’.
  • 6 time syncable modulation waveforms – Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold and Filtered Sample & Hold.
  • Adjustable stereo spread.
  • Crossover/cutoff to control frequency range of the effect.
  • Built-in preset/patch manager.

Imaginado also said this on their website, “Whether you’re looking to add just a touch of depth to your sounds or radically change them, DLYM can do both; we’ve even included over 20 presets/patches to get you started.” After playing with the effect we can tell you the 20 presets are a lovely addition because it wasn’t clear what could be done right off the bat with the plugin. From chorus to flange to something like a ring modulator, this plugin will definitely get some mileage. We can see its potential for sound design already, subtle touches from this effect will go a long way to giving your instruments that characteristic edge they might need.

If you’re looking for a FREE delay plugin that has some flavor to it, download DLYM here at the Imaginado website.

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