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The evolution of electronic instruments can prove to be slower than the growth of electronic music. A key difference between electronic and acoustic instruments is the lack of expression on the electronic side. We’ve seen recent products, like the the ROLI Seaboard, attempt, (and succeed, to a certain extent,) in minimizing that gap, but nothing like the Express E Touché has been seen before. A hyper sensitive macro control, built into a sleek wood casing, is designed to add expression to any electronic instrument.

The idea behind the Touché is best explained by the founders themselves:

Synthesizers allow for a vast variety of complex sounds. Nonetheless, knobs and faders are sometimes not suitable for expressive play. Touché’s wood surface has been designed to react to the smallest vibration, the slightest pressure of your hand, allowing synth players to shape sounds spontaneously, like an acoustic instrument. Its companion software allows for customisation of parameters, while MIDI, CV and USB ports allows Touché to control any digital or analog synthesizer, with or without a computer. That’s why Touché is the perfect device to use with a synthesizer for more inspiration and fun!

There it is. The Touché is still waiting on its release and a price has not been disclosed just yet, but there are certainly eyes and ears waiting in giddy anticipation. Check out the video below to see the Touché in action and CLICK HERE to find out more about it.


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