iZotope Vinyl – Take Your Sounds back In Time (Free Download)


Izotope, the well regarded maker of Ozone 7, a powerful mixing and mastering, recently rereleased a classic plugin that dirty’s up your production in the warmest sounding way, completely free. There classic Vinyl plugin is packed with  number of different parameters to achieve the exact vinyl sound you want. Ableton Live provides a vinyl distortion, but the Izotope can be a happy healthy addition to your effects.


They key parameters included are the warp, dust, year, wear, mechanical noise and spin down controls. Each option offers a unique look at vinyl; distortion, because you are quite literally changing the make of a record.

  • Warp – Effects the shape and edges of the vinyl, you can go from a slight warp, to a completely melted vinyl.
  • Dust – Effects the amount of dust on a record
  • Year (Personal Favorite) – Changes the decade the record came from; an interesting dynamic to add to a vinyl plugin
  • Wear – The wear of a record
  • Mechanical Noise – Adds in the sounds of a turntable
  • Spin Down – Ads the sound of a slow stopping record.


You can use the Izotope Vinyl in a multitude of ways, from slight texture, to experimental sound. Anything coming from Izotope is pretty solid, so you should hop on any opportunity of a free download they provide. Download HERE and checkout Izotopes website for a number of highly effective, top of the line plugins and software additions.


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