Freeware 2017: The Best Freeware Real Instruments

Below is a list of the best free plug-ins for 2017 for creating real or acoustic instruments. Most of these are connected with a more comprehensive plug-in or instrument that will cost something, but all of these are a fantastic base for your sound library and depending on your needs, you might find the exact sound you need in here. All are high quality for what they offer.


UVI Workstation – Multitimbral Instrument Host

UVI is known for making great sound libraries and this free instrument host is compatible with their large catalog of quality instruments and samples. Included is a sound library that lives up to the UVI standard, as well as quality demo instruments like electric piano, strings, drums, guitar and bass. Also included are built-in effects and the option to run in standalone mode.

Download HERE



Kontakt Player Free – Multitimbral VI Host

Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player is arguably the most used music software. The high quality and variety of instruments included from NI, as well as its ability to host many other companies software is unparalleled. The free version of the software is a great way to get started with Kontakt and offers a bad ass amount of freeware real instruments. Included are all instruments in Kontakt’s Factory Selection – thirteen instruments from NI’s band, six from World, twelve from Synth, 13 from Vintage and six lots of Urban Beats. That’s 50 freeware real instruments for a 650 MB free download!

Download HERE



BigTick Ticky Clav – Hohner Clavinet Emulator

A single instrument offering from a lesser known company, but if you’re looking for Clavinet sounds this is some quality right here (BigTick also offers a variety of quality freeware instrument plug-ins if you register at their site). More specifically the Ticky Clav emulates the Hohner Clavinet Model C – using a physical modeling synth engine that emulates the string vibration and pickups from the Model C. This instrument really does a good job of emulating the signature “click” of the original model and includes built-in wah wah, and selectable manual or auto-wah.

Download HERE


Versilian Upright Piano – Piano Plug-In

A fantastic free instrument that emulates the kind of upright piano you might have in your home. A very simple little plug-in but it has a specific character that might be just what you’re looking for. Versilian is another company who has a wide offering of quality freeware. Be sure to also check out their free harp instrument and their complete orchestra plug-in which holds 14 instruments!

Download HERE


4Front R-Piano – Electric Piano Emulator

Another plug-in that keeps it simple, focusing only on emulating the classic Rhodes sound with high quality. This is an obvious choice if you’re looking for the Rhodes’ sound but the sound is also able to be manipulated with a simple set of parameters included in the instrument. Included are Dynamic and Drive sliders as well as Q, Release, Decay, Cutoff and Ambience. Lastly, there is a built-in Reverb with its own pop-up parameters to adjust. A lot of possibilities stemming from just one sound!

Download HERE



Alan Vista Cymbalistic – Cymbal Percussion

A fascinating instrument because of it’s specific focus on cymbals, but because of that focus this is a very high quality freeware plug-in. Also, getting cymbals to sound right and realistic (depending on your style) is one of the most important elements of a quality record. Offered in the plug-in is a hi-hat, ride, four crashes, and two Chinese cymbals sampled and mapped across eight channels and four stereo outputs. Included controls are volume, pan and release per channel and an overall Dynamic dial. This is all very simple but at 190 MB there’s definitely quality in this plug-in.

Download HERE



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