Fresh Tracks of the Month – Alumni Spotlight

April 2020

This month we’re focusing back in on our Alumni and their recent releases. We’ve got an incredible lineup here and their range showcases just how versatile our students’ backgrounds can be. A lot of us are stuck inside so bundle up, and enjoy the following releases. Listen below!


AHZ – Creep

AHZ is the live electronic-music band that features one of Beat Lab’s Alumni Loren Moore. Loren even teaches at Beat Lab when he’s not busy mixing records or producing his own music.

AHZ is one of Loren’s many projects, the band performs all their music live and is turning the industry on its head. They were set to play Ultra before it was canceled due to Covid-19.

Their most recent release is a cover of Creep by Radiohead. The song’s pristine production and banging rhythms are a large part of AHZ’s style, and that style is exactly what has given AHZ  such a quick rise. It’s an awesome rendition, listen below.




Naomi Wild – Icarus

Naomi Wild is an alumnus who has made her own way in the industry since graduation. She’s had huge collaborations with Odesza, Machine Kelly, and has many others in the works.

She released this song last month, an acoustic beauty. Her vocals are pristine as always, and her songwriting skills are undeniable. Naomi is one of many alumni who have come back to the school to teach workshops on a repeat basis. Listen below.




Hella Precious – Razcal

Hella Precious is a recent alumnus of the Beat Lab Certification program, she graduated just last year. Her blend of hip-hop and electronic music is already so unique, we can’t wait to see how she grows.

The song Razcal is dripping with attitude emphasized by  Hella Precious’ firm vocals. The bumping rhythm works splendidly with the instrumentation, it all adds up to a dope song. Listen below.





Olivia Henry – Expectations

Olivie Henry graduated from Beat Lab recently and hasn’t wasted any time since. She came in with prior experience and used that momentum to power through the Beat Lab Certification course. Olivia is yet another great example of the whole package – she is an excellent vocalist, producer, and songwriter.

We were so happy to have her join the program, and it was bittersweet to see her graduate. As you can see though, she’s killing it. Her recent album, Expectations, is a showcase of all her skills.

It’s catchy, produced well, and perfect music to pump during the lockdown. Listen below.





Mikey Backpack – Running Out of Patience (feat. Carter Wilson)

Mikey Backpack released Running Out of Patience in March right before the California lockdown began. The song is a collaboration between Mikey and a highschool friend – now Seattle-based MC, Carter Wilson.

This latest release is right in line with Mikey’s continued leaning toward bass-heavy and synth-laden songs. It’s one part dreamy, one-part floor-shaker, and all parts ear-candy. It’s got a sick beat, infectious vocals, and we can’t stop listening. Listen below.





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