GateKeeper Workshop Recap: Polyverse’s Amazing New Plugin

We recently had Infected Mushroom’s Polyverse come into Beat Lab to demo their new plugin – GateKeeper, a sophisticated gate plugin. What we saw was incredible and true to form for Polyverse which has a series of plugins each with powerful code under the hood that leads to impossibly fast and efficient processing. GateKeeper keeps in line with its volume automation, the primary ability of GateKeeper. The effect can be used for simple (but super precise) sidechaining or the effect can be used more creatively to instill complex rhythms into drum beats, bass lines, melodies, anything really! The workshop was an intimate session with Beat Lab community members and a few representatives from Polyverse present to provide information and take feedback while Beat Lab head-guru Yeuda Ben-Atar made beats and showed us the plugin in action.



So let’s talk a bit about the technical aspects of GateKeeper because it is a flippin’ powerhouse. GateKeeper has parallel processing of stereo signals which means you can split any incoming signal, pan it to the sides, AND THEN process those signals differently without affecting the other… with eight envelopes the possibilities start to add up. Also, you can trigger the envelopes with MIDI notes, modulate the envelope parameters (Time/Amp/Pan) using your keyboard, and there’s even a CV output if you’re using external hardware. All of this control and the speed of the plugin makes it an extremely powerful sound design tool in addition to being a super precise gater. There really isn’t a better automation tool on the market, so you should go get yours now and get to making!

You can learn more about and purchase the plugin here.

You can join us next weekend for our next workshop, the Arturia User Group meeting, where Arturia will be giving away a BeatStep Pro.

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