Melodics – Guitar Hero for Finger Drummers

Melodics is an educational based app that is geared to improve, refine, and maintain your drum pad skills. You’ll notice right off the bat that Melodics is designed very similar to that old Guitar Hero game, which you wished made you better at something besides… well… Guitar Hero. The founders of Melodics very well may have seen a greater function for the layout and utilized it into a fast paced, user friendly app that allows you to excel with a drum pad.

You’ll notice that when you start playing around with Melodics, you’re really just playing around. It’s designed to be fun. You start with practicing kicks, then move on to snares. You combine the two. Throw in high hats and all of the sudden, before you are even done with the first level you are playing a somewhat challenging beat.

The cool part about the app is that it provides you with form. It instructs you to use certain fingers for certain pads, similar to using certain fingers for certain keys on a piano.

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This alone can be really useful down the line when getting into more complex drum beats. You also notice, unlike Guitar Hero, that the drum hits display your timing. So that feeling you get, of whether your on or off the beat, is confirmed through a visual in real time.

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At the end of each lesson you are given a score which contributes to your overall level. So you get this drive to get better scores, which really just means getting better with the pad. The app also provides you with a 10 minute daily goal, which is a really nice feature to make sure you stay consistent towards improvement.

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Melodics close connection with video games and music improvement has grabbed the attention of various artists like Gaslamp Killer, Thugli, Jeremy Ellis, Dj Jazzy Jeff and more. Melodics has also partnered with Ableton, Akai, Pioneer, Novation, IK Multimedia, and Reloop. So there’s a level of realness to its effectiveness. Melodics has potential to be a widely used tool and is highly suggested for any producer looking to excel with a drum pad.


You can download Melodics over at there website at the link provided below.


Check out the demo videos to really see where Melodics can take you.

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