Wave – The Wearable Ring MIDI Controller

Ginki Instruments just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their wearable MIDI controller – Wave. Wave is a MIDI controller packed into a ring, with multiple parameters for control – pan, roll, tilt, tap, plus 5 assignable buttons on the ring. Each parameter can be assigned to control any other parameter this is MIDI mappable. You can connect it to your DAW, music apps on your phone or tablet, or the Eurorack synth the Genki has created in conjunction with Wave – the Wavefront. Wavefront is an incredible feat – a synthesizer controllable by a Bluetooth MIDI controller, and one that you can wear! Wave isn’t the first wearable MIDI controller but Wavefront makes Wave an attractive option compared to its predecessors.





A few applications we can think of are adding vocal effects while singing, adding effects or launching samples while DJ’ing, doing cool pitch bending on your synths, etc. There are many ways this ring could be used to add some flair to your performance! The convenience of the device is its size and attachment to your finger, though this could be of some inconvenience while playing instruments remember that the ring has buttons you can map. One of these buttons you can map to disable and enable the ring which could be used at only the right time to activate your effects. Check out the video below to get a better idea and some chills up your spine inspired by how cool the Wave really is.



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The Wave is available for preorder now on the Indiegogo page for $129 which is %35 off from the original price of $200. You can also order the Wave and the Wavefront together as a bundle for $200 total. Genki said they will be able to start filling orders and shipping by later this year so don’t wait and get your groove on!

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