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August 24, 2018

We’re back for our second installment of Fresh Tracks of the Week, this week we’ve some more of that new new – new to us, new to you – whether these tracks have been surfing the airwaves for awhile or not doesn’t make them any less Fresh. Listen below!

Forin – Airlock

Forin tries out a new name and new sound with a debut two track D’n’B EP – Gateway. The second track is full of dope blips and bloops but make sure you got the subwoofer plugged in for the deep down lows on this banger.



Agmook – Redlines

Agmook released his debut EP – Concentrated Wealth a few months ago, the name represents “the concept that wealth attracts wealth. Instead of spreading around, money concentrates into megalithic towers of bougie culture, supported by tactics of public defunding, privatization and heavy consumerism.” The third track Redlines comes in with some very dirty, very catchy melodies that will get you wobblin’.



Damon Steele – Shade

Finally, another Damon Steele track! We’ve been waiting a while for this one and are happy with the result, Shade is a laid-back funk-disco track with funky guitar rhythms and a sexy female vocal singing over the top, add in that groovin’ bassline and you’ve got yourself a party jam. – otaru, part ii (小樽第二) creates his tracks with his own field recordings and released his debut EP last month. The whole EP is soothing as hell but the second track is just lovely. A very relaxing ambient adventure.



heya ㅎㅇ- Corgi A$$

Heya releases this fun hip-hop single about none other than the beloved bottom of the Corgi dog breed. Lazers and 808’s support her catchy rhymes blended between English and Korean.



Ashia Iris – Can’t Get Enough

Ashia Iris’ debut single Can’t Get Enough offers up soaring pop vocals, comforting lyrics, and lush melodies. We’re excited for what’s next!



MariGo – Chop

MariGo releases this lo-fi-ish hip-hop instrumental for us while she works on her new upcoming project. Turn down the lights and kick back.



Zemeks – Buck

Zemeks drops some seriously hot fire with this track from his debut Trap/Dubstep EP Unclassified. Get buck.



Daniel Jamezzz – Kanye West – All Mine ( Daniel Jamezzz Flip)

Funky remix of Kanye West’s All Mine, get your fill of Ye but this time it’s a house track.



Boundless ♾ – Vicetone Feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff – Way Back (Boundless Remix)

Boundless tries his hand out at Remix Contest for Vicetone’s Way Back and succeeds in making a killer track. “I’m super happy with this remix. I love the original track and couldn’t wait to combine the vocals with my sound. Hope you enjoy! ”


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