Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week October 26th, 2018

This week we’ve got a majority of hip-hop but two of the songs are electronic inspired songs that sit comfortably in their places. Clean production, smooth rhymes, laid-back vibes, and hype beats. These are the Fresh Tracks of the Week. Listen below.

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Hadron Sounds – Let Me Live My Life ft. Soroya Grosso

The song opens with loads of attitude, then ebbs and flows between a rock anthem and pop-filled indie electronic jam. What starts out as a saxophone tone morphs into a growling bass with a short wubby breakdown. We return to the nearly-ska swang chorus halfway through the song before breaking into a piano ballad that lulls us into a soft sense of security…THEN BAM. We’re back to the wholly catchy chorus. It never misses a beat, listen below.


Bobby J From Rockaway – Walter White (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Bobby J From Rockaway and Statik Selektah deliver a dope collaboration with their song Walter White. Bobby J’s rhymes flow like lava over Statik Selektah’s choice piano melody. The vibes of the song are a welcome nod to Ne York City hip-hop. Anyone watch that Netflix series The Get Down? Well, it was about the origin of Hip Hop in New York during the 70’s and Walter White feels like it belongs in the soundtrack. Listen Below.



Cautious Clay – Call Me (Faysal Matin Remix)

Cautious Clay’s easy-going vocals are a delight on Call Me, wonderfully remixed by Faysal Martin. The original production from Cautious Clay is thoroughly enhanced and stands on its own as a remix. There’s a sense of calm underpinning the vocal performance that mixes so well in Faysal Martin’s take. Those shakers are just so damn lush. Those synths are wonky. Clay’s signature nonchalant attitude is everpresent in this light. Catchy and smooth, listen below.



Kodiak Soul – Bliss

Kodiak Soul brings major late night vibes with Bliss, a chill hip hop instrumental. The ease and desire to listen again stems from the simplicity of the track. Soft horns dance with twinkling keys. Hats tap along with the kick and the snare. All the while we’re left with a soothing sense of fulfillment. Listen below.



Just Domo ft FAZE, S.T.P.H. – Again and Again

A lovely arpeggio underscores this sleepy hip-hop song.  The song follows a simple narrative structure and draws you in. The real attraction though is the vocals. The style is particularly nasally in an interesting way. This is a collaboration with a lot of potential and you may just find yourself listening to this song again and again. Listen below.


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