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September 7, 2018

The ruling has returned and Beat Lab Academy is officially live on SubmitHub and receiving submissions! The submissions keep rolling in so as we try to keep up we’ll be rolling the ones we like best out to you in this weekly format. The past few posts have featured ten artists and their music but in an effort to give each song the attention it deserves we’re going to keep the number of features around five. So keep on checking in and enjoying the Fresh Tracks!


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Kyson – Every High (An-ten-nae Remix)

Bay Area native An-ten-nae remixes Every High by Kyson. Fans can usually count on An-ten-nae’s signature Acid Crunk style to bring that low-down-dirty-bass, however, this time around it plays a far more subtle role in the song and it totally works. As it remains laid-back throughout the song I couldn’t help feeling either ready to go to bed, or as if I was just waking up, it was a revitalizing feeling. Kyson’s vocals are as smooth as butter and An-ten-nae’s additional production for the remix provides the warm toast to leave you feeling well fed.



Xndr Q. – Too Easy

“Too Easy is Xndr Q.’s second independent release this year. Drawing inspiration from personal relationships, it is a record about the damage dishonesty can play in a relationship, and how the lies told to protect oneself can cause more harm than the actual issues at hand.” In addition to the narrative being told, the production is clean, and it’s refreshing to hear autotune used so tastefully in a hip-hop song. Too Easy is a slow-burning banger on which Xndr Q.’s smooth vocals tell a story just as much the beat does. It’s that combination that makes Too Easy such an attractive piece of music.



Axline x Nick Jonas – Find You (Remix)

Axline remixes Nick Jonas’ Find You with a fresh Future House take on the song. The original had its own sense of dance-music inspiration in the production but Axline pumps up the production and it shines. Pumping bass keeps the song moving along while Jonas’ vocals keep you centered and tagging along. The song is barely over two minutes and totally leaves you wanting to listen to it again, we’re always impressed with producers that know how to use restraint at the right time. Now excuse us while we click play again.



lophostrikz – TIGER BOMB

Tiger Bomb! Rawr! That isn’t the exact feeling this song evokes even though the name would make you think so. Tiger Bomb is a dark techno track with bubbling synths running along with the grinding basslines and drum rhythms. The opening to the track reminded us of Darkside’s record Psychic, whether that was an intentional nod to Jarr or not remains to be said. As Burners recently gathered out in the desert for their yearly pilgrimage we felt this was naturally made for the Playa. Lophostrikz is onto something primal and we’re loving it.



Mammoth Indigo – Undertow

Mammoth Indigo, the brainchild of lead singer/guitarist Cody Bowers, was formed in 2013 in Harrisonburg, VA with friends Dan McDonough (guitar/keys/vocals) and Eric Singer (percussion). Their 5th song Undertow is from their recent album released earlier this year. The vocals are sung in an eerie yet ever-so-comforting falsetto. When combined with the slow acoustic guitar the listener is given a sense of unnerving calm propped up by a venerable source of pain. The mood shifts between the verses and choruses strike an interesting combination throughout the song, likely due to “an acoustic guitar -which is ironic, considering it probably has the most production.” It’s weird, soft, and might be just what you need.


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