Really Useful Plugins #1 – Mess Up Your Projects With a FREE MaxforLive Rack!

You read that correctly. Really Useful Plugins released a pack of Max for Live devices all designed to really muck up your Ableton project for you so you don’t have to! Included in the pack are 12 instruments, MIDI effects, and audio effects. Below is a list of descriptive words to briefly introduce the devices.

  • Insults!
  • Games!
  • Bombs!
  • Self importance!
  • Sabotage!
  • Ways to magically sound like everyone else!
  • The Chuckle Brothers!
  • Annoying insects!
  • Exploration!
  • Passive aggression!

Those are actually pretty accurate for this set of sarcastically devised tools, but we’ve provided the more in-depth descriptors from the RU website to give you a bit more guidance.

“Get real-time support and advice from a sophisticated machine learning algorithm. analyses your audio or MIDI to provide insightful comments that can help you to get things right at that crucial moment. ” This one blurts insults and criticisms at your while you work, that way you can really go for rock bottom with that nagging feeling in the back of your head.


“Constructive deconstruction.” This device exponentially and randomly destroys your project. I almost didn’t notice the tempo change it caused in my project before saving, that was a close one.

“The best editors are the toughest. Let make the difficult decisions for you.” This basically randomizes muting…or does it?


“Generative drum machine guaranteed to make your music disappear among the torrent of similar tracks.”


“This one is pretty self-explanatory.” It’s straight up Chucklevision in an M4L device. The best part is that you can’t play other audio sources over it. This gives the expression ‘laughter is contagious’ a whole new meaning.


“If you’re reading this, you are almost certainly not a composer. So why fight it? ru.betterthanyou is better than you.” This device tries to correct mistakes you probably didn’t even make, it’s a keeper!


“Humans have kept honey bee colonies, commonly in hives, for millennia. Beekeepers collect honeybeeswaxpropolispollen, and royal jelly from hives; bees are also kept to pollinate crops and to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers.” This one is in the top three, it brings bees.


“Up and up and up and up and up and up and …” We couldn’t tell what this one did right off the bat but this automatically bumps your MIDI notes up in pitch as your clip plays. It truly annoying.


“The best kind of noise gate.” This may be the most practical device in the pack, it replaces the audio output of your MIDI instrument with static. How could that be useful you may ask? Well with the right effects chain it could be a neat snare drum. Otherwise, it is just MIDI triggered static.


This one has some real potential as a useful device as well. It randomly(?) creates duplicate MIDI hits so it actually ends up sounding like a delay/arpeggiator in a way. Or you could just substitute it for your cat walking on your keyboard.


This does something to your session view, we really couldn’t figure it out. We’re sure it isn’t really useful at all.


Watch this video of the ru.bomb in action! Get your pack for free on the Really Useful Plugins website.


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