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August 17, 2018

We have some exciting news about the Beat Lab blog, remember when we did that review on Submithub? Well, we reached out to them and are hoping to get set up with their service as reviewers, that’s right, sometime soon you may be able to submit your music through Submithub and get it featured on our website! Beat Lab Academy is a music school and we wanted to provide a platform for people like our students to share their music with like-minded individuals across the internet. We will be running a weekly article featuring a number of songs new to us or new to the world in an effort to promote music for those on the come up. For the first few weeks, we will be promoting music from our students and alumni until more submissions come in. Because we are a school we won’t be focusing too much on any specific genre, for now, so enjoy the ride and discover some new music below!


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Naomi Wild – Howlin’

Beat Lab Alumni Naomi Wild has been making waves over the last year while she has been touring with Odesza and recently released a music video for her most recent single Howlin’. This song has hypnotic beats combined with her incredibly smooth vocals and makes for something you’ll be going back to frequently.


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Side Brain – Goy Hi

Yeuda Ben-Atar is the Beat Lab Founder and an Ableton Guru who produces beats under the pseudonym Side Brain. He’s been at it for years dropping sick beats and performing at festivals with his unique brand of controllism. Goy Hi is another tricked out hip-hop beat released earlier this year from the wizard, with funky lead sounds and wonky percussion hits.


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Isle&Fever – We’re Not Broken

Isle&Fever have broken their yearlong silence with a hot new single + remixes for the song “We’re Not Broken”. It’s an upbeat disco/funk track at heart laden with crispy vocals and lush synths. The song is a welcome return for the Los Angeles duo and we can’t wait for what’s next.



sacha k. – feelin

Sacha k. has a very unique style that ranges from low-tempo to hip-hop to lounge house beats. To add to his style are his vocals usually interwoven with effects to warp, wobble, and warble his singing. His most recent release delivers on what his fans love the most with an electronic beat and his sensual vocals wishing listeners to “touch yourself just right”.



The Water Company – Change of Plans (Scarlett Letter)

The Water Company is the solo project of Alex Pinate who blends hip-hop sampling styles with psychedelic vocals and electronic beats. Yeah. Change of Plans is a catchy indie track hidden under layers of trippy vocals and thumping bass.



Laciste – Addicted

Laciste is a duo from Los Angeles that combines electronic dance, ethereal vocals and RnB music. Their song Addicted has wonderful production supporting a jazzy house beat, together you get what LA has become so notorious for in recent years.



Amazulunanga – Lokumu

Amazulnanga debuts his first official release with this African Dancehall song AND accompanying music video. Amazulunga co-directed the video and designed/constructed all of the costumes himself!


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Mikey Backpack – Summer Love

Mikey Backpack releases his second album of the year with a three-song EP titled Summer Love. The title track is a fresh indie hip-hop track with major Los Angeles during-the-summer vibes.



 Yerv – Tokko (feat. heya ㅎㅇ)

Yerv just released his debut EP and on it came three bass house tracks that bring the heat. Our favorite was the opener Tokko for its infectious rhythm and that second drop lead line. Woo!



Penthouse Penthouse – To the Sun (feat. KingJet)

Penthouse Penthouse brings their classic mix of funk and LA hip-hop beats with the first track from their most recent album Cruise Control. With KingJet on vocals we get a for sure feeling of driving our caddies on cruise control.



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