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Palette Gear has been developing a photography geared controller system, which is also MIDI capable, that is structured in a completely original way. Palette works with a system of small, magnetic, add-on parameters, like knobs sliders, and arcade style buttons. The idea behind the project is to allow the user to be their own modular MIDI builder. Designed with a sleek finish and a receptive software called Palette App, Palette is an interesting controller system that minimize the excess in your controller options.


Palette has four key components: the core, the dial, the button and a slider. The core is the brain of the group, enabling the controller to connect through USB. The dial is an infinite rotation dial. Palette is also equipped with a classic arcade style button, and a an ordinary slider. You are also able to color coordinate each piece, to help create an easy visual for yourself. Each component stands alone as there own detachable component, allowing you to strip down to the bare necessities.

Although Palette is specifically geared for photographers and photography based softwares, there is also a MIDI mode that allows it to be used for game softwares and, (more importantly to Beat Lab,) music softwares like Ableton, Reason, Logic and Traktor. In MIDI mode the controls are fully assignable and work as if it is a regular MIDI controller.


Palette is currently available for pre-order for June of 2016 and is being offered as a starter, expert, professional and a special wood kit edition, with prices ranging between $199 to $899. You are also able to buy each individual component separately for $49, with the exception of the arcade style button which goes for $29. Checkout the website here to place your preorder, and checkout the video below to see Palette in action.


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