Mammut – Insane FREE Sound Design Plugin

Swedish research center – Notam – recently released a plugin called Mammut which is a free sound design tool that can turn your sounds into total insanity. The plugin works on a frequency wide level so that any transformations made affect the whole spectrum, this way very specific minor or major changes be made to yield crazy results. The developer stated the following,

Mammut is a rather unpredictable program, and the user must get used to letting go of control over the time axis. The sounding results are often surprising and exciting. Mammut is also ideal for common operations such as filtering, spectrum shift and convolution and it provides an optimal performance.”

Basically what you have is a frequency shifter and an EQ that can be used to warp audio into something far more mangled than the initial sound. You also have the ability to edit the spectrum directly which is part of what makes this plugin so powerful.

The user interface is…complicated. But the complexity is part of the fun of it all; what you have is the waveform displayed in front of a graphic of cavemen and women going to work on a mammoth corpse. It is as crazy as it sounds. The plugin delivers on the visual though with 17 different tabs each with parameters that will affect your sound. Under each tab, you can see a description of what the parameters will affect, however, some of these descriptions will be found far from useful. Case and point, one description literally says, “Rather Useless”. The plugin was designed to be experimented with and the interface nearly guarantees that. Two sets of up and down arrows grace users with undo and redo options bound to be used before and after vast changes are made to sounds.

All in all if you want a plugin that can convert your sounds into crazy unique sonic adventures, and you want it for FREE, then check out Mammut. You can download it here on the Notam website.

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