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Syntorial is a highly interactive program that helps you understand how synthesizer programming works. Syntorial directs their attention towards the effect of controls on sound, rather than the science of how the sound is altered, which really allows you to dive into sound synthesis.

The program itself sort of works out like an interactive YouTube video. What’s great about Syntorial is how user friendly the program is once you learn how to navigate through it. The program has video explanations of the lesson that is split with an interactive section for application. You are given two patches; the hidden and user patches, which you alternate between, attempting to replicate the given sound under the hidden patch.

Syntorial Demo 2015-10-15 16-48-58 Syntorial Demo 2015-10-15 16-57-56

The videos, unlike YouTube, are very well paced and well articulated. I found the ability to pause and shift to the interactive section allows for quick learning because I am able to apply exactly what I learn, moment to moment. It’s also pretty cool how it is mostly audio based, since you are training your ear. I found myself able to distinguish exactly what is being changed with the synthesizers from lesson to lesson. My progress is also mapped with scores on how close you come to replicating the given sound.

Syntorial Demo 2015-10-15 17-47-59

Syntorial provides a free demo that allows you to gauge how the program and the learning curve works. If you want to get more in depth with it you can pay for the full version which provides you with 199 lessons plus expandable packs to get even more gritty with it. Download the demo with the link below.

Syntorial is available for PC/MAC and iPad.


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