Ableton Link- Jamming Gets Easier


Ableton seems to keep upping their game, time after time again. They’re like those bands you get hooked on, where everything they release seems to be golden. Link is now featured in Live Beta, an addition that allows you to wirelessly sync your computer up with others, making jamming as easy as picking up a guitar.

All you need is a wifi connection and other players that are connected with Ableton, or any of the number of IOS apps that supports the addition. Since link is, (or will be,) integrated with the new Live update, there is no installation that is needed; Ableton is really stressing the effortless aspect of this whole thing. It’s designed to be as easy as possible.

Live is working on getting as many IOS apps integrated with Link as possible, a line of apps are coming out soon with the Link integration like: triqtraq, Bassline, LP-5, Mo Drum, iMPC plus many more. With its wide range of apps, Abletons reach can go beyond the DAW itself and pull people in who are running smaller softwares, which is remarkable if you think about it. Its as if our phones, tablets, and computers fill in the place of guitars, basses and drum sets.

When you think about it, this little innovation is pretty huge.

So if Link is still in Beta, how do you get your hands on it? You need to join the Ableton Live Beta Program, which works with all versions of Ableton: Suite, Standard and even Lite.


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