Fresh Tracks of the Month – July 2020 Part 2

This is the second part of our July series of Fresh Tracks of the Month. Below we’ve got a few submissions from our alumni community, and others from the general public.

It continues to be so amazing to be able to promote music from smaller artists on the rise. Listen below.

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Nawy – Deep Therapy

Nawy’s Deep Therapy brings the club vibes to everyone who is unable to go to the clubs right now (mostly everyone). Its clean production and evolving basslines draw you in quite well and remind of us the techno-laden good times pre-COVID. It feels like a modern classic and hits all the right notes for a great club track. If only festival season weren’t obliterated this year, it may have made it onto the main stages. Put your dancing shoes on. Listen below.



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Top Bunk – I Don’t Wanna Dance

Local Los Angeles outfit Top Bunk submitted this funkalicious jam just in time for the summer heat to kick in. It has the DIY indie feeling that PNW or early 2000’s music was so full of and is al the more delicious because of it.

It has an odd familiarity with its quirkiness and production style that just makes us feel good listening to it. We wish it were a longer track, and can’t wait for what they put out next. Enjoy the Top Bunk. Listen below.



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Marsupial Lion – Still the Same

Beat Lab Alum Marsupial Lion is back with his latest release, Still the Same. “Still The Same” is the final single in advance of Marsupial Lion’s debut album, Juvenilia.

His style has been established clearly in the psychedelia range and we are soaking it up. The song plays reminiscent of Washed Out and Tame Impala, but Lion effortlessly imprints his own twist on the form. We’re excited for the album to drop. Listen below.


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Lillian Frances – Moonrise Queendom – Get the Honey

Our next submission is from another Beat Lab Alum Lillian Frances. The track Get the Honey is one from her most recent album release – Moonrise Queendom.

The production on the album is pristine and a clear evolution in her style. Her signature vocals are graced with always moving sound design, thumping rhythm, and irresistible melodies. It’s quintessential Lillian Frances. Listen below.


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JoPippins – Hills & Valleys

JoPippins is back with a few releases, one of which we decided to feature here – Hills & Valleys. We featured a track of Jo Pippins’ on an older Fresh Tracks article in the past, we’re happy to promote his music yet again.

Pippins strikes a unique balance between acoustic punkrock and hip-hop, not too dissimilar from Sublime or Atmosphere. It’s more impressive work from the artist this early in his career (even though he’s two albums deep). If he keeps up this pace he’ll solidify his habit of being prolific. Listen below.


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