Metamorphosis – Free M4L Granular Looper


Dillon Bastan AKA Integrate Live is a musician/developer  from Los Angeles. He recently release a very cool and very free granular looper.

Metamorphosis has a few options for playback mode: linear, sine wave, custom envelope (drawn with a multislider), and scan (which is a knob that can can through the samples).

It has a built in filter and grain sequencer you can even record live input. Simply press “record” on the left. If the buffer is empty, make sure you resize it first to the desired length (in ms).

Really great instrument that doesn’t require any MIDI notes to play because it’s based on playback mode and looping.

You can come up with really interesting sounds in no time. And you can even drag & drop files!




Free from

Check out his other music tools on his website and if you want the Max/MSP version of the device simply email Dillon here:

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