nOb- TheOnly Knob You’ll Need


Sleek, solid, and effective: the nOb should make its way onto your messy, hardware filled desk. Look through Kickstarter and you’re bound to find a wide range of ideas, and inventions, that serve to ease the subtle restrictions with all aspects of life.


The nOb is a singular, extremely precise knob control, which is made to be vastly encompassing with its capabilities. Packed into a vintage looking, wood casing, nOb provides highly capable functions, that will expand your work flow tenfold.

“nOb is able to control virtually any parameter you would normally adjust with your mouse, delivering out-of-the-box compatibility with any operating system and software package. You simply have to point your mouse cursor to the parameter you want to control and use nOb’s big knob to fine-tune it to taste.”


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With 2400 ticks per revolution, the nOb gives you extremely smooth and precise control over the assigned parameter. A double tap feature allows the user to easily undo the last action, making a quick and intuitive workflow. The powerful little controller controls four simple parameters: stationary, drag, vertical and horizontal, which can be toggled between with two sets of switches.

  • Stationary-Knobs/Pitch Wheels
  • Drag-Sliders/Faders
  • Vertical/Horizontal Adjusters control the given axis

Whether you are a musician, a graphic artist, or a visual producer, if you are looking for greater control over your work, nOb can provide great power in your equipment.

The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and is just short of there goal. Get in on the early bird release, by helping the creators out. 


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