Santuri Safari – East African Live Pack


It’s an absolute delight to see and hear such ambitious projects as this one. A brand new instrument rack has been developed by Ableton’s own Emile Hookenhout, (a.k.a Behr,) that captures the excitement and authenticity of a revitalized East Africa. Attempting to stick as true as possible to the cultural roots of the instruments and sounds recorded, Hookenhout came up with the Santuri Safari Instrument Pack.

East Africa is going through a refreshing look at their regions music, revitalizing it into something totally new. Musicians from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are working to move the regions sounds towards the global trend of electronics. Though with limited access to recording studios and equipment, the emergence of labels and collectives such as Santuri, who is taking it upon themselves to represent and put the region on a global stage, and third parties like Hookenhout, are allowing the region to have a global voice.

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The instrument pack includes four sets of instruments, from three different countries in East Africa: the Zeze from Tanzania, Adungu and Endere from Uganda, and the Ohangla from Kenya. Possibly the most impressive factor behind the project is the careful eye given to the cultural significance of the instruments, Hookenhout quoted to say:

“I wanted to approach this project with the utmost respect to the culture and history behind the instruments and musicians but with the ability to push the sonic boundaries with the use of Ableton Live. I sat down with all the artists and asked them about the history of all the instruments – everyone was very happy this vision of cross-pollinating the traditional with music technology.”


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What could be the next most impressive deal about the whole project… possibly the most inspirational is the fact that the instrument pack is at a name your own price deal. You’re not going to be overcharged for a rack that is not only culturally significant but sounds sick too. Get your download right now at the link. and read more about the project below.


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