Beat Lab Health Series: Introduction

There come many benefits of all the isolation a lot of us are experiencing, like how easy it is to work on music! Some of us are working from home, some of us have been let go from our jobs, but everyone is feeling the pandemic. With all this time we’re spending as our desks, it’s important to take care of our health.

That’s what inspired this series – the Beat Lab Health Series. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing articles covering everything related to office health. Stretching, ergonomics, mental health, good habits, you name it! As long as you’re stuck inside you may as well update your wellness.

One thing I have found to be common among music producers is that they’re never bored. Why? Music is enveloping. Working in music requires an unwavering spirit and powerful will. While those with 9-to-5 jobs generally clock out after their eight-hour day is up, it is not uncommon for producers to keep working. While working hard is a sign of initiative and diligence, overworking has been proven to wreak havoc on the body and mind.

We produce because we love music. We put our hearts into it. Let’s take the time to practice the self-care necessary to ensure that we don’t burn out— so we can sustain our love for it.



Everything will be okay! That’s important to remember during trying times. Wherever you are in the world, there is always music. We’re all in it together. Hopefully, our articles will bring a little bit of relief from the craziness occurring every day.

Sitting, standing, crouching – no matter how you choose to work you’ll probably feel some tightness in your body. We’ll go over some useful exercises to help with that. We’ll give you guidelines to alter your workflow and improve bad habits. Making good habits is as easy as making bad ones it just takes repetition. That’s why, with our helpful articles you’ll be the healthies producer in town.

Check out our list of upcoming articles below, which we’ll update as we put more out!

Links to different blog posts:

  1. Stretches for Producers, Musicians, and Everyone!
  2. How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Isolation
  3.  Creating a Solid (and Healthy!) Workflow
  4. We’ve Got Your Back! Creating an Ergonomic Workspace


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