Event Recap Round-Up May 2020

We’ve had our fair share of masterclasses at Beat Lab in the past, but we wanted to really make a big splash this year. We’ve had a heck of a year with our live workshops, and we’re still hosting virtual masterclasses until the coronavirus curve is officially flattened.

So we wanted to take a moment to summarize a few of our past events for those who missed them. We’ll go over past events, then tell you about a few upcoming! Read on below.


Intro to Ableton Workshops


January of this year we started hosting free workshops to entice community members old and new. We’ve always welcomed prospective students in for class visits but felt that a monthly event would allow the whole community to flourish. Our first workshop covered the basics of Live.

We’ve held multiple of these each month and have been forced to open up second and even third events to meet the demand!


Intro to Ableton Workshops – Womxn Only



The music industry has been a boy’s club for far too long, and we at Beat Lab want to encourage inclusivity. As part of that effort, we created a format where womxn can experience the free workshops we offer – our Womxn Only Intro to Ableton workshops.

With the growing number of female music producers and sound nerds in the field, our womxn only workshops are a way to encourage female education in the music industry.


Songwriting w/Naomi Wild



Beat Lab alum Naomi Wild has had her own success since graduating. She’s had chart-topping collaborations with Odesza and Machine Gun Kelly, and shows no signs of slowing down. We were lucky enough to have her lead a two day intensive on songwriting.

She shared her strengths, some workflow secrets, and her invaluable experience with attendees.

We host 2-day intensives throughout the year, typically toward the new year and middle of June. Make sure to subscribe to our email list to stay on top of the upcoming events.


Lo-fi Hip Hop Masterclass w/Side Brain



Beat Lab founder and Ableton guru Yeuda Ben-Atar aka “Side Brain” has been leading the charge with genre-focused masterclasses as well. Our first of the year covered Lo-Fi Hip Hop. It’s everywhere, and he taught the lucky attendees how to make music in the style.

Lo-fi Hip-hop has exploded in popularity over the last few years so we knew we had to cover it. It was a laid back day to match the laid back vibes of the topic.


Party Pupils



Friday, February 7th we hosted the hitmaking remix team – Party Pupils – for a Masterclass in Future Funk production. Though only half of the team could make it in order to lead the class, we were very happy with how things went. Below are a few notes from the class:

1. understand the importance and usefulness of the groove pool and track delay features in Ableton. My songs have been a bit sterile/robotic feeling and I believe his lesson hits home the importance and application of the groove features that I have not been utilizing.
2. Vocal processing – this was another glimpse in how a successful artist has been able to refine the difficult task of recording a clear and effective vocal. They shared some of their vocal chains, which reinforced some of the techniques that other artists and Beat Lab instructors have taught. Vocal mixing and processing are less of a mystery now.
3. Bass mixing. A weakness of mine has been difficultly in achieving a noticeable bass that is appropriately mixed. Ryan effectively featured some VSTs and tools to achieve a beefy bass sound with a strong enough signal to keep me from having to buy that bulky and expensive moog for a little while longer.


Techno Masterclass w/Side Brain

For our second genre masterclass of the year, we chose to hone in on TECHNO. The floor-stomping, heart-thumping sensation has made a strong comeback recently and everyone wants to know how to make the music.

Intro to Drum Programming



After a few more Intro to Ableton Live workshops, we focused back in and moved to our virtual platform in order to minimize the spread of Coronavirus. That being said, the workshop wasn’t any less incredible as we got a crash-course in drum programming in Ableton Live.

This was also our first Masterclass of the year to be made available for purchase in our brand new Modules page. You can find it via the links in the last sentence, most Masterclasses are offered at $5 for the class video.


Future Bass Masterclass



The Future Bass Masterclass was a smash hit. It was our second event of the year we now have online available for purchase. Explore the techniques used in Future Bass production and its gradual movement into the forefront of pop music.


Intro to EDM Production



All through the COVID-19 lockdown BEat Lab has been in a giving mood, so we offered attendance to this Masterclass for free! It covered EDM production techniques and how to push your projects forward to the next level. You can find it on our Modules page for purchase.


Intro to Future R&B



Future R&B deserves all the love and attention it received in this previous Masterclass with Side Brain. Find it on our Modules page for purchase!



Intro to Melodic Trap



Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Tyga, etc. All these legends have changed the Hip-Hop game in recent years thanks to their melodic interpretation of trap music. Learn all about it in this previous Masterclass. The class is up on the Modules page now!



Intro to Hybrid Trap



Hybrid Trap brings the hardcore wobbles that you love. We’re in the process of uploading this and the next few Masterclasses as they occur. Visit the Modules page to see if they’re live yet!



Intro to Riddim



Side Brain and y’all explored the wobbles, how about the rhythm? The Riddim Masterclass was almost too good. Visit the Modules page to see if the Masterclass video is live yet!



Mastering Emotion in Music w/Jesse Woolston



Beat Lab instructor Jesse Woolston graced those lucky enough to get tickets with an amazing Masterclass decomposition. Visit the Modules page to see if the Masterclass video is live yet!



Upcoming Events



For May we’re offering our second Ultimate Masterclass Package deal. If you bought tickets to all four events in the series you were able to choose any Module to go with your purchase. It was a free add-on at no charge to you! This deal was only valid before the first event on May 17th.

Even though we’re past that point it’s not too late to buy tickets for the last three events, listed below.

Buy Tickets for Upcoming Masterclasses on Eventbrite.


Afrobeat Masterclass




Indie Electronica Masterclass




Tropical House Masterclass




Bedroom Pop Masterclass


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Stuck in Quarantine?

Get the most out of your time inside by signing up for Beat Lab Academy’s online production course! If your new to production, or need a refresher in mastering, then our online production and in-person Ableton courses will give you the skills you need to become tomorrow’s super producer.

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